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You are able to unlock iPhone Vodafone Australia or any other carrier using factory IMEI unlock method that doesn’t require jailbreaking and downloading third-party software.

A lot of users purchase their iPhones through a particular carrier, and their smartphone comes locked to the company’s network. You can always check the locked network of your iPhone. It’s not a big problem for must customers who spend most time in their home country and are ok using one mobile operator for making phone calls and exchanging data.

The problem surfaces when a consumer wishes to travel abroad and tries to switch to another network. It is impossible to do on a locked handset if you are on the contract or simply locked. People used to jailbreak in order to unlock in the past. They voided Apple warranty and often came across different problems. Today everything is simplified.
Official Carrier Unlock Service

The first method is meant for users who are current customers of Vodafone Australia carrier. Here is how you can apply it to your iPhone.

Step 1. Contact Vodafone Australia and find out more about its unlock policy. You should learn who is eligible for factory unlock through this carrier.

Step 2. You can also contact the provider you wish to switch to if this is possible. Some companies are more than happy to help their future customers.

Step 3. Ask the carrier you want to switch to if your iPhone type is eligible to be used on that network.

Legit iPhone Unlock for Vodafone Australia by IMEI Code

The second method is great for people who don’t want to contact their provider but just wish to use any SIM card with their iDevice. This tool is affordable. It is provided by different companies.

Step 1. Choose a service, reliable, trusted, cheap and fast here below:

You can read their customers reviews to be sure this is what you have been looking for.

Step 2. Make sure your device is locked to Vodafone [Australia] or choose other carrier you wish to unlock from.

Step 3. Find out your IMEI number by dialling *#06# on your virtual keyboard. Users with iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G can look up their IMEI on their SIM card tray in case you are sure that Sim tray is native to iPhone.

Step 4. Place your order online [IMEI unlock is a remote service] and pay for it. Wait till your status is changed to “unlocked” and you get an email with instructions that explain how to complete unlock via iTunes.

Step 5. Complete the process by activating iPhone unlock status and inserting a new SIM card. Jailbroken users have to go to Settings – General – Reset to reset their network settings and restart their handset. Activate it and use the service.

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