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Some carriers in Canada will start to unlock iPhone Bell [and other companies] for $75. This is not the cheapest solution, but it can work for users who have smartphones locked to Bell and other networks that provide similar service.

It is legal to perform iOS gadget unlock in Canada, especially when you are offered to get unlock by the companies you are locked to. Paying one-time fee of $75 is still cheaper than purchasing a never-lock iPhone so a lot of customers will most likely order this service.

iPhone Bell Unlock Requirements

Users who are on contract can’t order iPhone 4, 4S unlocking from Bell. To be eligible, you should be using one of Bell’s post-paid plans, in other words, this service is for real Bell consumers only. You can’t just buy a locked Bell fruit smartphone and get it unlocked through the carrier’s service.

If you are eligible for the official Bell unlocking you should just contact Bell Support and make an order.

For Users Who Don’t Meet Bell’s Requirements

Don’t get upset if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S locked to Bell in Canada but you don’t want to pay for the carrier’s plan in order to have your handset unlocked. There is another great solution which you can use. It works for people from all over the world, for any handset model, version of iOS firmware, baseband and most carriers.
I am talking about factory IMEI unlock. It will let you use any GSM SIM card with your gadget. You’ll be able to travel to any country and connect to different networks. Factory unlock is a distant service which requires from you iPhone IMEI code, carrier name and device model only.

You should choose a trusted company that unlocked iPhones by IMEI number and provide your information.

The company will email you once your order is placed, but you can always find a good service that will help you to make sure your device is eligible for unlock. As soon as your handset’s status is changed to “unlocked” you will receive another email with instruction on how to activate your unlocked iPhone.
The great news is Apple warranty will be kept. You’ll be able to upgrade to any mobile operating system version and enjoy staying forever unlocked.

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